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Psalm 23: A New Way of Seeing Things

Everyone knows Psalm 23. That famous Psalm which that famous King who goes by the name of David wrote. Psalm 23 starts with the phrase “The LORD is my shepherd,…“. This Psalm compares how God takes care of us, with how a shepherd takes care of his sheep. This is probably the most famous if not the most famous Psalm. Also, this magnificently written poem is critically acclaimed and has impacted the world of literature in so many different ways. For example, my favorite non-Christian band named:”Dream Theater” wrote a song titled: “In the Presence of Enemies” parts 1 and 2 which got most of its lyrics from Psalm 23 itself. This Psalm has been memorized and internalized by thousands or maybe even millions of people all across the globe mainly because how the Psalm paints a picture of God’s love for us.


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