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Wisdom – Top 10 Learnings from the Book of Proverbs (Part 2) (Wisdom for Work)


Wisdom with how we should work

Work is an integral part of our society. Wherever we go we see people working. In our homes, our schools, the church etc. we see different types of result of the work by human beings. Whether that be our cellphone, our iPads, our shoes, our clothes, the food that we eat, the streets that we cross, etc. all these things are products of work. In life, work is part of our everyday assignment. We are created to work. In fact in Genesis 2:15 it says there that:

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

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Wisdom – Top 10 Learnings from the Book of Proverbs (Part 1) (Wisdom for Relationships)


They say that with age comes wisdom and last month I just turned 25. 25! Can you believe that? It’s like I’m no longer 24, but seriously, when I realized that I’m already 25 it just dawned on me that I have to leave my childish ways behind. Well maybe not all, but I believe that it’s a sign that I should take more responsibilities and act more maturely than before. Twenty-five, that means that I’m living on silver years. When you’re 25 there’s a lot of things that’s expected of you, and I think that especially with the field that I am going to go into, a lot will definitely be expected of me (a scary thought if I imagine the responsibility involved).

With all those things being said, I choose to accept the responsibilities and the tasks that will be laid before me. The funny thing is that God is really the one who’s setting me up for this. Every month, I start with a new book in the bible and what I’ll do is just focus on that book for a whole month for my quiet time. I usually do a random sampling of the bible that I’m about to read and viola, guess what book God gave me: Proverbs. Now that I’ve mentioned it, with the many times I’ve done that random sampling of books to read, the book that comes out almost always turns out to be very very timely in that season (must be coincidence (yeah right!)).

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