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By Faith or By Chance? (The God of the Impossible)

524475_364673023579749_1771604223_nChristians have been criticized sometimes because of our faith. This faith I’m talking about is not just the overall belief system that we subscribe to, but more so it’s how we practically live our lives. For example, when a Christian is the recipient of a good news, Christians would most probably say: “praise God!” or “Thank you Lord for the favor” almost always attributing everything to the working of a higher entity in the universe who orchestrates things.

Now for skeptics sometimes this would turn them off because for someone who’s very smart they’d have a way of explaining how things naturally work. I am guilty of this because a lot of times, especially for the little things, I would attribute them to chance or a summation of finite decisions that were chosen correctly.

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Posted by on May 12, 2012 in Numbers