By Faith or By Chance? (The God of the Impossible)

12 May

524475_364673023579749_1771604223_nChristians have been criticized sometimes because of our faith. This faith I’m talking about is not just the overall belief system that we subscribe to, but more so it’s how we practically live our lives. For example, when a Christian is the recipient of a good news, Christians would most probably say: “praise God!” or “Thank you Lord for the favor” almost always attributing everything to the working of a higher entity in the universe who orchestrates things.

Now for skeptics sometimes this would turn them off because for someone who’s very smart they’d have a way of explaining how things naturally work. I am guilty of this because a lot of times, especially for the little things, I would attribute them to chance or a summation of finite decisions that were chosen correctly.

I am reminded of how I hear stories and testimonies of how God worked in other peoples lives. Before, I’d say to myself: “ok, that’s so simple and easy, it’s probably because of this or that on why those things happened”. However, soon after, I’d hear stories after stories and testimonies of how God worked in other people’s lives. I found myself wondering and in a way wanting to have those kinds of moment with God. A moment wherein I can brag and share about my encounter with how the God of the universe worked in my life.

True enough, I had that story (for more on that you can read my testimony here at this link: It’s my story that I will definitely treasure forever. It’s a story wherein I can share confidently with passion and conviction how God reached out to me and change the direction of my life forever. It’s a “God moment” for me because I just know deep down that God really orchestrated everything.

Now notice the words that I used: “conviction” (meaning fully convinced) and “just know deep down”. Why do I use these phrases? It’s because I really don’t have any “proof” that it was really God’s work and not just by chance that those things happen. I’m not discounting the fact that everything happened by chance because it is possible that it is just by chance. It could be by change, together with the very slim probability of those things happening may have caused my mind to just say to myself that there’s no other explanation but God who could’ve done these things. Now I’m not discounting those facts however, if I were to decide which is true, then I’d go for faith not because I couldn’t explain it but because it can’t be both and I have to make a choice. The amazing thing is after I have put my faith in God, then the truth is I’ve had a whole lot of testimonies of how God has worked in my life ever since. God’s just amazing. =)

Now maybe if you’re a skeptic and you’re reading this, you may say to yourself: “Nah, it’s probably still just by coincidence that those things happen.” Well you can tell that to yourself however, to quote an excerpt from Bill Hybel’s book: “Too Busy Not to Pray” it says here:

“Skeptics may argue that answered prayers are only coincidences, but as an English archbishop once observed, “It’s amazing how many coincidences occur when one begins to pray.”

We can make a decision for ourselves which belief system to adhere to. We are rationale human beings capable of making choices. Now choose whether you’ll believe that things just happens due to chance or because someone up there in the heavens causes everything to work according to his will and purpose. Since we’re talking about chances anyway let me give an illustration:

Suppose that for every decision that you make, you have a 99% (which is a extremely high chance) chance of making the right one. Now if you have 10 decisions to make in a day, the probability that you’ll make all 10 correctly is at: 90.44%. Now suppose in a week’s time you have to make 100 decisions in a day, that will result to a 36.60% chance of getting all decisions correct given a 99% probability for each one. Lastly, if you have 1000 decisions to make in over a month’s time then that will give us: 0.004317% chance of doing everything correctly! (for questions on computations please refer to the binomial distribution) All of these is based on the assumption that we have a 99% chance of doing each decision correctly and we know that we’ll definitely have more than 1000 decisions to make in this lifetime.

I don’t know about you but for me it’s obvious that if we leave our lives to chance alone, then we’re bound to fail one way or another statistically speaking. And in this fast paced society, one wrong decision can mean a lost opportunity forever. However, the great thing is if we put our faith in God, then we know that God is a God of 2nd chances and that even if we’ve failed one way or another God can turn around these things for the better. That’s why it says in Romans 8:28:

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

God doesn’t play dice with us, everything that happens here in this world happens for a reason. Whether that’s you, me or anyone else. It’s God’s hand the orchestrates everything. He can reverse the seemingly impossible situations and turn it around for our favor.

Still not convinced? In the Old Testament there were around 61 major and minor prophecies that was concerned about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. These were prophecies by different prophets during different time periods. Scientists computed the probability that exactly eight of these prophecies were to come true and that would be  1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000 and that’s only eight of them. If we were to compute the probability that exactly 48 prophecies that would be 1 in 10 raised to 157. This is really a large number and it represents an extremely small chance (quoted from The New Evidence that demands a verdict by Josh McDowell). Now this verse really comes true when I think about it:

Luke 1:37

For nothing is impossible with God.

You see even if rely on chances, chances/probabilities will always fail us. But God is the God of the impossible and not even probabilities and chances can stop God’s power, God’s will and God’s work in our lives.

As for me I’ll choose Faith in God over things happening to chances anytime. I know that if I place my life, my purpose, my will, my destiny to his able hands then I’d live the best life possible that I will ever imagine. I just know that I can trust him with my career, my marriage, my future and every area of my life.

Romans 12:2

“…Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Choose Faith over Chances today! 🙂 God bless! 🙂

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