Next generation communicators

20 Jan

Last Thursday we conducted our first Discipleship Meeting for the year. Every time we conduct Discipleship Meetings I always get excited because it’s one avenue where we see students serving such as manning the registration booth or serving food and the like. There’s no small task because every role is critical. Also, Jesus did say in Luke 16:10

“”Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Milo uses the same principle as seen their tagline: “Great things come from small beginnings”.

This environment is also a place where our future communicators and public speakers will come from. 🙂 Ever since last year we always ask students to go up on stage and do an exhortation, share a testimony or deliver a message themselves. Last Thursday it just dawned on me how much better these students are now, compared to how I would have communicated 6-8 years ago. Imagine them continually training and practicing their communications skills for the next 6-8 years! 🙂 The possibilities are endless. 🙂


With this I’d just like to honor and encourage them on how they can use their unique voices to inspire and encourage other students as well.

The first one who spoke was Paolo Santillan. This is the second time I heard him exhort, and the couple of times I heard him I just know how much experience and knowledge he brings to the table whenever he speaks. He loves to read a lot of books and this desire for learning will take him a long way. Also, his word from Exodus was right on the dot! I’m sure a lot of people got encouraged with that. 🙂 Continue to be filled with God’s word bro! 🙂

Next one to go up was Caryl, it was really God’s providential will that she got assigned to do an exhortation. She was a surprise to us because at first we thought that she’d be a little nervous but she took on the role and spoke with boldness and courage. Actually she’s partly the reason why I wrote this blog because thru her I saw how much better the next generation of communicators will be. When people see her speak, I’m sure they’d get encouraged to speak because if she can do it why can’t everyone else! 🙂

Pao Jamilarin exhorted again for the nth time. He has an aura of positivity and energy that can hype the crowd. Based on last’s Discipleship Meeting I think whenever he speaks he imagines himself speaking to hundreds and thousands of people already hehe. 🙂 Looking forward to the day that he’ll be asked to stand up in a campus conference. 🙂

After the exhortations we heard testimonies from Marc Marcaida and Miko Navarro. Marc has the potential to be a really funny speaker and yet at the same time deliver God’s word with seriousness and depth. Miko on the other hand speaks in a very ministerial tone, very pastoral hmmmmm. 🙂 I’m sure he’ll minister to more people in the future people primarily with the same background that he had. Whenever you have a testimony like that you can’t just help be amazed at how the grace of God works!

Emcees for the night were Xandrino Mangunay a.k.a. Inggit2013 and KC Bahaj. It was KC’s first time and she and Dudan did very well in engaging the crowd. They really brought energy to the event. 🙂

My hope is that everyone will get an opportunity and continue to hone their public speaking and communication skills. 🙂 Can’t wait for more communicators and public speakers to rise up! If ever God calls you, see it as a privilege and an opportunity. Don’t complain because Philippians 2 says: “Do everything without grumbling or arguing,”. God uses these moments to minister to other people. God will always get his message across but he chooses to use us anyway even if we don’t deserve it.So when given the chance, grab it and prepare excellently

Great Monday to you! 🙂

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