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Expect the Unexpected

“Expect the Unexpected” is a quote that sounds confusing at first glance. When you “Expect” you are in a position of anticipation; you’re looking forward to something happening, maybe that’s an event, a person or a promise. However, in the second part of that phrase the thing you’re supposed to expect is “the Unexpected” which is something that is difficult to expect because “Unexpected” things are not the things we usually “Expect”!

However, even though the phrase seems ironic, there is some truth to that phrase and can actually help us navigate through some of the unexpected things life will bring.

As I’ve reminisced my journey for the past 4 years, I realized that things don’t exactly come out as the way we planned it. There will always be unexpected things that will happen in our lives. I remember one instance where I thought I would only enter training for full-time ministry during the latter part of 2012, but then my plans changed and I started training early 2012. Also, when I was already fully deployed in my role, I thought I’d be in that position for a couple of years of more. Suddenly, during the middle part of 2013, our Youth Pastor had to leave for the U.S. and therefore I was assigned to take over his role as OIC.

In life there will be so many unexpected things that will come our way! I just realized that a few days ago and was reminded that this will always be the case. Two weeks ago, I said in one of my messages to our youth ministry that we live in an unpredictable, unstable and constantly changing world! That’s just the kind of world that we live in and I think that will always be the case.

So how should we face life, knowing that there will always be unexpected things that will happen. Here are a few of my thoughts:

1) Put our FAITH in God
In the same message that I shared a few weeks ago. I said that we should put our FAITH in God. When I say faith, that talks about what we believe in and where we should put our trust. In an unpredictable, unstable, and constantly changing world it’s just logical that we put our faith in God because he will never change and we can trust everything that he said in his word.

2) TRUST in God’s plans
A follow-up to my point in number 1 is to TRUST in God’s plans. I am always reminded by this verse in Proverbs which is one of my life verses:

Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purposes that will prevail (Proverbs 19:22)

We plan, we expect things, we want things to go our way. It’s not bad to plan, it’s good actually! It helps us maximize our time and make sure that we’re productive. However, our plans become a problem when we get attached to it too much that when things don’t start to go our way it leaves us frustrated.

We have so many plans in life, but not all of our plans will go according to our way. That’s a fact. God’s will, will always prevail. Let’s trust Him 100%! We can still plan but let’s not hold on to them too tightly and just let God!

3) Adapt to CHANGE
I recently read a book titled: “Who Moved my Cheese?” A best-selling management book that talks about CHANGE. This book has somehow influenced me in adapting to life’s changes. I realized that the reason I can quickly adapt to change is because of the principles that I learned from this book. It’s a very short book about a parable of four mice and their search for cheese and the main learnings there are as follows:



So there you have it! Let’s expect the unexpected! But most importantly let’s put our FAITH in God because he is a God who will never change and amidst all the changes that’s happening in our lives he will continue to stay with us FOREVER.

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