A Roller Coaster Life (Musings on the life of Joseph) Part 2

22 Sep

Last week, I wrote part 1 of this blog about the life of Joseph ( We ended at the part of Joseph’s life where he is now in a foreign land because his brothers sold him to slavery.

Joseph and Potiphar

The story tells us that the Midianites  sold Joseph in Egypt to Potiphar, one of Pharaoh’s officials. The story continues at Genesis 39 and an interesting thing that the story tells us is that “The LORD was with Joseph so that he prospered,…”. It wasn’t the end of the line for Joseph, he had been a blessing to his master. In fact, he had been such a huge blessing to his master that God gave his master success in everything he did. This caused Joseph to find favour in his masters eyes and thereby promoted him to be his attendant. What that means is that, Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his household, and entrusted to him everything his master owned.

At this point, Joseph had so much trust from his master because God was with him every step of the way. What could have possibly been the end of the line for his life, turned into something for his favour. In one moment, Joseph was probably thinking what would happen now to his life after being sold as a slave, but now he had been such a huge blessing to his boss and got promoted. Things are starting to get rosy for his life, there may have been a purpose after all why he got sold at one point. (Life Meter: 8)

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife


With success comes influence I would say, I think by this time Joseph would have gained attention from a lot of people for all his accomplishments. The thing about Joseph is he wasn’t only good, but he was also good looking. Because of his good looks and his influence, Potiphar’s wife started to take notice of him! Not only that, but she seduced Joseph to go to bed with him! This isn’t a unique case but has been happening all throughout history because of the lust of the flesh. The good thing with Joseph is he had wisdom and knew that going to be with his masters wife was a recipe for disaster. He had to fight every single bit of temptation to not indulge in sin. What helped Joseph is that he wanted to Honor God who had given him success in everything he did, that’s why he didn’t want to do a wicked thing like adultery because it’ll break the heart of God.

Joseph was an honorable man, he didn’t want to screw thing up! He wanted  to ensure that he doesn’t destroy his life and all the blessings that came to him.

However, since the wife of Potiphar could not get Joseph to come to bed with him she accused Joseph of seducing her. She told her husband that Joseph wanted to make a sport of her! Imagine the nerve of that girl. Tsk tsk. The sad thing is, Potiphar believed his wife, burned with anger against Joseph and sent him to prison. (Life Meter: 2)

How could have this happened? Joseph probably thought that everything was already going to be A-OK with him after his unfortunate event with his brothers. He probably thought that the reason he got sold is so that he can be successful in Egypt. Not only  that, but he lived a life of honor and didn’t indulge in sexual immorality no matter how strong the temptation was in his life. He loved God, he honoured him, but now, he’s in prison because he was wrongfully accused.

Joseph is back to square one, oops, not only square one, but square negative one. This is another low in his life. Is this the end of the line? Is it time to quit?

For some of us, we’re in a moment like this. We’ve experienced something terrible happening to our lives at a point in time but just like Joseph we’ve managed to recover. However, when you experience another terrible thing happening in your life for a second time, that’s when we start to question God, hate life, give up and don’t move forward anymore. You seem to do everything methodically and correctly, but the circumstances just didn’t go as planned, favour wasn’t in your way. Why Lord? Why?

The good thing is in Genesis 39:21 “the LORD was with him;” take note of how many times that occurred in his story to provide you with encouragement. The story doesn’t end here, there’s still life even after unfortunate circumstances hit our lives for the second time around.

We can learn a lot from the life of Joseph.

To be continued.

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