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A Roller Coaster Life (Musings on the life of Joseph) Part 4

This is now the fourth part of a series of blog about the life of Joseph. If you want to check out the first three parts you may go to these links below:

Parts 1-3

I wrote and started this series specifically for people who may not seem to make sense of what’s happening in their life. Most of people desire for stability and security in life. If we can only be assured of those things for the future then that’s going to be awesome! However, as many of us have already experienced, life does not seem to work that way. Here, we looked at the life of Joseph to encourage us and give us hope specially for times when life doesn’t make sense. Whatever circumstance you may be facing right now, the key is trusting God in whatever situation you’re in. So now let’s continue with Joseph’s story. 🙂

We ended part three by looking at the phrase: “The LORD was with…”. We said that that is one of the reasons why Joseph didn’t quit. That’s the reason why he wasn’t disheartened and discouraged to keep on moving forward. It’s because God was with him all throughout. In our lives, if we can just focus on our relationship with God then I’m confident that we can brave life’s toughest and biggest challenges.

The Cupbearer and the Baker
Now, continuing with the story, because of that incident with Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was now in prison. In prison, Joseph met two individuals: the Cupbearer and the Baker. Both had offended the king of Egypt that’s why they’re there. Now while they were in prison they both had dreams, and surprise surprise, their prison mate is Joseph the dreamer himself! Think it was just coincidence?


Both of them couldn’t interpret their dreams on their own, but the good thing is Joseph was there. Their dreams got interpreted. Joseph said that in three days, the cup bearer will be restored to his position while the baker will be impaled and put to death (talk about an encouraging interpretation). Joseph asked the cup bearer a favor to show him kindness and mention him to Pharaoh so that he’d be set free. Doesn’t seem like much for someone who gave you a good interpretation of your dream right?

Three days went by and when the cup bearer was finally restored to his position, he totally forgot about Joseph. This is another low in Joseph’s life. It was a great chance for him to escape! He helped his fellow prisonmate with an interpretation of his dream. He gave him a favor, all he wanted was to be mentioned to the Pharaoh and possibly be set free from the prison. I’d imagine Joseph very eager the first few days when the cup bearer was set free. Then a week passed by, a few months then almost a year already with no word from the cup bearer. (JOSEPH’S LIFE METER: -5)

It was his only possible chance to escape! Him being trapped in prison was the worst thing that could happen, but something as worse is the hope of being able to escape but not materializing. If I were Joseph I’d ask God what did I do wrong to deserve all of this? It was one bad thing after another for Joseph’s life. A roller coaster life indeed! Well at this point, it’s more of like “I never should have been born kind of life”.

The good news is, it couldn’t get any worse than this for Joseph. Now it’s all uphill for him! 🙂

To be continued.

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