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What is God’s will for my life?

What is God’s will for my life? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I sure did, and still continuously do so even today. Constantly seeking for God’s will for our lives is one of the most important things that we can ever do. I often find myself faced with this question in my walk with God and when I talk with other people. Last Thursday, I spent time with a student and one of our conversations zeroed in on the subject of God’s will.

The question of “What is God’s will for my life?” is one of the biggest question for a person who have recently made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. That question is a $64,000 dollar question for a lot of Christians today. Most Christians feel that if that question just gets answered… then everything will go smooth sailing for their lives. We think that if we can just unlock the secrets and the mystery of God’s will then life is going to be easy. We think that we no longer have to be surprised by uncertainties in our lives.

know-gods-willWhat’s God’s will for my life?! What’s God’s will for my life?! What’s God’s will for my life?!

Now if you’re here and you’re reading this blog and you constantly find yourself asking this question. I have great news for you! God’s will in your life is knowable! In fact, I’m going to tell you below, the primary way that we can know God’s will! Are you ready? Here it goes, here’s the answer:

We can primarily know God’s will for our lives by reading His word


TADAAA! There it is, you can know God’s will for your life by reading the Bible. Surprise surprise!

But WAITTTT!! Did the answer somehow fail your expectations? Have you heard this answer so many times already and was expecting a different one? Did you expect an answer that will give you the key in unlocking where God wants to lead you in this season? Well if that’s you, then hopefully you’ll continue to read along to see where I’m getting at. 🙂

I believe that, for a lot of us, whenever we ask the question: What is God’s will for my life? We’re primarily thinking about his SPECIFIC WILL for our lives. This concerns more of the “WHAT WILL WE BECOME”. God’s specific will zeroes in more on these questions:

“Lord, am I going to be an engineer one day?”
“God, what college should I go to?”
“What course should I take?”
For the singles: “Lord, what’s the name of the person whom I’m going to marry one day?”
And so on and so forth.

God has a specific will for our lives! That’s true and I believe that that is the beauty of this Christian walk. Our walk with God is an adventure! It’s the most exciting thing we can ever journey through in this walk called life. However, as much as this is true, sometimes our tendency is to give too much focus and emphasis on God’s SPECIFIC WILL rather than the other part of God’s will which is his GENERAL WILL.

Yup! That’s right, I believe that this is one way that we can look at the topic of God’s will. There’s his GENERAL WILL (sometimes we call this as his MORAL WILL) and his SPECIFIC WILL (sometimes referred to as his WILL OF EVENTS or PROVIDENTIAL WILL).

Our hearts, our questions, our desires focuses more on the SPECIFIC than the GENERAL. Too many times, we tend to lose sight and focus on his GENERAL WILL. I think that this is funny especially when it comes to the question: “WHAT IS GOD’S WILL FOR MY LIFE?” because 95% of God’s will is already found in scripture. I forgot where I learned that quote, but it’s an idiomatic expression saying that MOST of GOD’S WILL is already found in scripture. We just have to read and apply it in our lives.

If we’re really truly concerned about God’s will we will CONSTANTLY read his word and apply it in our lives.

If there’s anything that I want to achieve in this blog, it’s this: that you will focus more on God’s GENERAL WILL than his SPECIFIC WILL. Again, God’s specific will is amazing. Knowing and seeing how he moves directly in our lives shows us that our God is real and directly concerned in our lives. However, if you think about it, focusing too much on the SPECIFIC WILL without concerning on the GENERAL WILL may leave you most of the time frustrated. It will lead you frustrated, because you’re always asking those questions:

“Lord, am I going to be an engineer one day?”
“God, what college should I go to?”
“What course should I take?”
For the singles: “Lord, what’s the name of the person whom I’m going to marry one day?”

If you just observe closely all these questions that concerns God’s specific will in our lives, these are questions that only occasionally happens in our lives. They occur once in a blue moon. The answer to “God, what college should I go to?” only happens when we enter high school or college, after that you never had to worry about the question ever again in your life.  Whereas in our everyday lives, God’s GENERAL WILL occurs more frequently. Imagine if we just took the time to focus on his GENERAL WILL then we would know what to do in these situations:

Whenever feel lazy
When we get tempted
When someone offends us
When we see a first-timer in church
Should we honor our parents or not?
Any many many many other situations.

These are moments that we will encounter more, more than the questions I posted above relating to God’s SPECIFIC WILL. If we have just been busy in concerning ourselves in knowing and following God’s GENERAL WILL, then we would know how to act and respond properly in those situations. I believe that one of the reason why they say that 95% of God’s will is already in the Bible is because God has already given us instruction how to face most of the challenges we face in life. I believe that 95% of the events that will happen in our lives are part of God’s GENERAL WILL, while the 5% is part of God’s SPECIFIC WILL. We can choose today and decide what will we focus on and put our energies in.

Lastly, again this is not to say that I’m against the SPECIFIC WILL. What I just want to say is that hopefully we’ll focus more on his GENERAL WILL, because at the end of the day:

God’s more concerned in WHO you are becoming than WHAT you are becoming

The good news is, if we constantly live a life that obeys and honors God’s GENERAL WILL, then our character gets built. The WHO in us becomes refined and mature so that when God reveals to us his SPECIFIC WILL, we will be ready. Pastor Steve said in his book WikiChurch:

“My experience tells me that if we are ever to find that special grace and calling, we will most likely find it while in pursuit of doing what God has already called us to do. For me, that meant embracing the Great Commission as my own. Following the Lord’s command generally led me to a more specific understanding of what God wanted from my life.

There you have it, from Victory’s founding pastor himself. Constantly living a life that obeys God’s GENERAL WILL, will ultimately lead us towards God’s SPECIFIC CALLING in our lives.

May God give you the grace to obey his general will for your life as he slowly but surely reveals his specific calling for you.

God bless and Happy Monday everyone!

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