What is God’s will for my life Part 2

15 Jun

Last February 2, I wrote a blog titled: “What is God’s will for my life?” You may check out the first one at the link below:


In the first blog I said: “We can primarily know God’s will for our lives by reading His word.” At first this advice seemed basic but I explained that we cannot over emphasize the role the Bible plays in knowing God’s will. We said that most people are searching for God’s specific will but are not too interested in knowing God’s general will. The reason we should emphasize on knowing and prioritizing God’s general will is because: God’s more concerned in WHO we are becoming than WHAT we are becoming. That was the summary of the first blog. 🙂

In this second part, I’ll be talking about the role that godly counsel plays in knowing his will for our lives. God’s word and godly counsel are two of the most practical ways in discerning His purpose for us.


So what does godly counsel have to play in knowing God’s will? In this blog I’ll be using the word “mentors” interchangeably for the phrase: “godly counsel.” Will a mentor help me discern most of our biggest questions in this life? Will a mentor help a student discover what course he should take in college or help guide anyone in their future career path?

The answer there, just like in the first blog, is a resounding: NO. The Bible doesn’t tell us specific answers to these questions, how much more us human beings who are flawed and sinful? Right? So what value does a mentor play in helping us know God’s will? The answer to that is they offer godly counsel based on God’s word. It goes back again to the word of God! This is how important it is. 🙂

Here’s a verse which I stumbled upon a few years ago and in my opinion gives us the benefits of godly counsel:

Psalm 37:30-31 (NLT)

The godly offer good counsel;
    they teach right from wrong.
31 They have made God’s law their own,
    so they will never slip from his path.

Three things that we can get from this passage of scripture regarding mentors and godly counsel:

1) A mentor offers good counsel

Another translation for the phrase: “good counsel” is the word “wisdom.” Wisdom can be defined as: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment;”. I like the word experience. Mentors offer experience that prove invaluable. Here’s one passage of scripture that I heard from my first victory group leader many many times. He always emphasised this to me and all the people he’s discipling that’s why up until now it sticks:

Proverbs 15:22

Without counsel plans fail,
    but with many advisers they succeed.

Imagine being lost at night in an unknown place like a forest. You don’t know what direction to take or what path will lead you to safety. A mentor is like a person who goes ahead of you and carefully threads the dark path of that jungle. As he explores and checks out which route is safe or not, he can guide those who are following him in walking towards the right direction.


For me, that’s a great illustration of what mentors helps us with. They help us not make dumb and stupid decisions which we may later regret in life. This is especially true in knowing God’s will for our lives. Our mentors/godly counsel help us in knowing and obeying God’s will for our lives especially in obeying his word.

2) A mentor knows God’s word well

Now that we know the value that a mentor brings to our lives, the next question the rises are who are these mentors? Where can we find them? What does a great mentor look like?

They key in finding godly counsel and great mentors is they should know God’s word very well. Psalm 37:31 says “they have made God’s law their own…’ I think this is one great way to know if someone can provide you with godly counsel or not. We have to see their lives if they are deeply rooted in God’s word. Again, going back to my blog last February, we cannot overemphasize the role that God’s word plays in knowing his will for our lives. Rightly so, our mentors should be able to lead us, through their experience, on what God’s word clearly says about our particular situation.

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

Mentors/godly counsel do not presume to know everything there is to know in this world. They are humble and always relying on what God has spoken already in his word. They are guided by the Holy Spirit and quickened to give a verse that applies in the situation someone’s currently in.


3) A mentor helps us walk a straight path in our relationship with God

As someone is always guided by God’s word, the promise is God will make our path’s straight.

I remember a time in my life where my walk with God hit a bumpy rode at the risk of almost being derailed in my walk with Him. This was around the end of 2008. I have intentionally strayed away from my relationship with God. After making a few dumb decisions and coming to my senses I opened up to my mentor, the person who did 121 with me. I opened up my sins to him and told him what I’ve done. He rebuked and corrected me. All I could do was listen and accept his scolding. I realized that he was very much concerned in my life that’s why he confronted me like that. I was already repentant during that time however I knew that God was using that moment to reinforce the message of walking straight in his path.


A mentor will help us walk a straight path. They have the ability to see and check our blind spots and correct us for our own sake. The Bible clearly says that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” One thing we have to clearly understand and be aware of is that our hearts our deceitful. Left on our own we will stray from the right path towards God’s will for our lives. A mentor is someone who can help us avoid the wrong path that will be detrimental to our relationship with God.


Question: Who are the mentors in your life? Who are the people helping you in your walk with God? Are you constantly looking for godly counsel especially when you’re in challenging situations?

In knowing God’s will, no man is an island. Christianity is communal faith, that’s what our Senior Pastor would always say. We cannot do this alone we always have to walk in fellowship w/ other Christians specially having mentors in our lives.

In closing, let me just reiterate: Mentors have gone this path before in trying to discover God’s will for their lives. They’ve made right decisions and wrong decisions, we can definitely benefit from that. They’ve also loaded up with God’s word so ideally they would know what verse can apply to our particular situation. Lastly, they will be there for us so that we would not swerve to the wrong direction in our walk with God.

God bless everyone and may God bring great mentors in your lives! 🙂

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