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LIVE, ALOHA and Empowering Leaders

One of the best feelings that I get in campus ministry is to see students rise up to lead, take ownership of projects/events/strategies and do a better job than you.

This has been my experience for the past two weeks. Recently we’ve just concluded two events in DLSU, CSB and St. Scholastica. One is an engage event called LIVE: Get Wired to the FULL LIFE and the other is a fellowship/shared lives type of an event called ALOHA: Shared Lives 2.0.

LIVE Get Wired to the FULL LIFEAloha Shared Lives

In these past two events that we’ve handled, I’m so proud to say that there were very little involvement of the campus missionaries on the planning and execution level. 90-95% of the planning and execution were done by the students. 🙂

I’m very thankful for my spiritual family (Victory Christian Fellowship) who has always made it a point to create this kind of empowering culture. It says in Pastor Steve’s book: WikiChurch: “The Victory leadership team has intentionally tried to create a culture where creativity and initiative are rewarded and mistakes are celebrated.” My hope is this will still be the same kind of culture that we’ll pass on to the next generation.

The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

I believe that to be a great leader, we should all have an empowering mindset because of the many benefits that this brings! The benefits far outweigh the risks involved in empowering. One of the benefits of empowering others is it gives them opportunities to grow more in their giftings and talents.

Below are just a few whom I know learned so much in being a part of these events:

Students Growing in their Gifting’s and Skills

I’m really encouraged as I saw Marc Marcaida lead LIVE. This guy is a leader and will definitely have more impact in the future. At first he was a bit overwhelmed but at the same time privileged to serve as the project lead for LIVE. Admittedly he says that events may not be his forte but he took on the challenge anyway. I saw him use vision as one of his tools to lead the team, always pointing them back to the reason why we’re doing the things we’re doing. All of this is to Honor God and Make Disciples.


Another person I’m also encouraged who I knew learned so much is Kath Parungao who led the Aloha: Shared lives 2.0 activity. It was her first time, she was a bit nervous, and didn’t have that much clue and idea how to run an outing. However, she did a great job in forming a team and faithfully accomplishing everything that needs to be done. Galing! 🙂

Kath Parungao

And that’s just two people who grew in their skills and abilities, this blog will not give justice if I try to list down everyone’s learning. I don’t have time to talk about Joseph, KC, Angel, Rejoice, Gian, Winona, Tricia, Gelene, Jaycee, Con, Monique, Daniel and Neri. There’s just too many! But for those who’re reading this you know who you are and I’m so encouraged with the things you’ve learned as well! 🙂

Better Results

Another benefit of empowering others is that we generally get better results. The results are so evident in both events. For LIVE, one of the things I appreciated was the creativity that went as they promoted the event (see pictures above of Marc and Kath). This came as a result of empowering other people in their God-given talents. 🙂 Also, 180+ students came, this is 80+ more students that came from last year’s event. Based on these factors alone, we can definitely say that the event had been a success.

In the shared lives activity, I can just say that this has been the best shared lives that we had for the past 2 years! When we asked Kath to organize the activity, I was just thinking about the reservation of the place, logistics and food and that would have been it. However, she took it to another level by giving it a theme, creating a poster, designing the place and planning a very solid program flow. It just went above expectations! And also, 40 students came this time around, compared to around 20 the same time last year. Better results indeed. 🙂


Again, the reason why both were so successful is because a lot of students were empowered. The campus missionaries simply can’t decide on all level and details, we can’t micro manage everything because 1) We just won’t have time to do so, 2) Things will not move forward given all the other things that we’re required to do. It’s more logical and sensible to empower people! 🙂 Again the benefit far outweighs the costs.

With all of the things that I’ve written here’s what I’m not saying: that empowering others doesn’t involve risks, because it does have! In fact there will be times where mistakes will happen, a lot of it. However, the mindset and attitude of a leader whenever these things happen is for the leader to assume responsibility for the mistake and not blame it on others. After the mistake has been settled, we move forward and continue to empower others to lead. 🙂

After having said all of that, I think the evidence is overwhelming and conclusive that an empowering culture’s benefits far outweighs the risks involved in doing so. Others get trained in their giftings and talents and we get better overall results. Take note: these are just two of the benefits that are at the top of my mind as I write this blog, I believe there are many more. 🙂

As I end this blog I hope to see two things: 1) I hope that if you’re a leader with followers reading this, that you’ll have the same kind of mindset and attitude to empower others and create an empowering culture and 2) If you’re a an emerging leader who have just experienced being empowered to do certain things: you’ll always keep this in mind and pass on the same kind of culture, because again the benefits of empowering others will always outweigh the risks in doing so.

Lastly, we want to create an empowering culture because this is what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ modelled to each and everyone of us. Pastor Steve said in WikiChurch:

“Jesus modelled and empowering leadership style. Jesus was never content for disciples to simply follow Him as spectators but was intent of empowering them to do what He had been doing.”

God bless and may you empower others! 🙂

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The Next Generation Leaders

There’s a quote that says: “Success without a successor is a failure”. I’m trying to research on who wrote this but there’s seems to be no one person who has a claim to this statement. Probably because the quote is so real and true in leadership that it goes without saying.

I’m so happy that for the past 5 years, I’m in a culture that believes this statement and deeply inculcates this in our values. We believe in the next generation and not only do we believe in them, that they will replace us, but that they’ll far exceed the things that we have accomplished.

I learned from church that in the Bible, if you read the book of Genesis (the book of beginnings) every time the account of Terah, Abraham, Isaac or Jacob were mentioned, it’s not really their stories that gets highlighted, but the stories of their sons, the next generation who followed them. That’s because “Success without a successor is a failure”. If in your generation you’re able accomplish a lot, but the generation that follows you fails, then you fail. The failure of the next generation is our failure.

I remember back in college when me and my blockmates headed an organization called the “Math Circle” (as nerdy as it sounds) we were ranked in the top 10 (top 6th) organization in school as we finished our term. However, the next generation of leaders who followed us didn’t do very well. In fact, the year after they led the organization they were put on probation. :O It doesn’t matter how successful we are, if the next generation fails, we fail.

We just finished our event titled: LIVE: get wired to the FULL LIFE. This is our first LIVE for the second term for DLSU, CSB and St. Scho and this is by far my favorite because it seems to have the least error. Also God moved again in terms of attendance and the outcome.


As I was talking to our student leaders, I was just so inspired by their lives and in that moment I envisioned them taking our work in LifeBox to the next level. Levels far beyond what we can dream of or imagine (no kidding!).

I’d just like to honor a lot of them if I may. We have people like (not in any order):

Pao Jamilarin who’s a great vision caster, highly relational leader, works hard and ensures that everything is in order. This guy will surpass me in campus ministry. I know he will! 🙂

Pao Santillan who’s one of our upcoming leaders as well, he’s been very faithful with life groups and leading people closer to God. He has a servant mind-set and faithfully handles our past two discipleship meetings. I’m excited to see him be released to his full potential.

Kara De Leos highly influential, passionate about reaching the lost and discipling her friends. So proud of this girl! 🙂

Dennise Pesebre loves the young people and believes so much in the next generation. Really humble, teachable and is a role model to all young women out there with her godly standards.

Marc Marcaida humble and teachable as well, very engaging and passionate. Goes the extra mile to do things excellently.

Xandrino Mangunay very hard working and talented. His skills and level of determination will bring him far definitely.

Daniel Ching one of the future leaders of the corporate world and in Cebu. Very smart and disciplined.

Thomas Marechaux God has put a lot of wisdom in this man. Passionate about his calling in life and I see him do the work of God wherever God’s called him to be.

Honey Magaspi tenacious and proactive. Hard working and willing to serve.

Laurice Plando dancer, singer, instrumentalist, actress, graphic artist. Excellent in all those things. Grabe!

Wesley Que one of the next generation professors that students will look up to in DLSU. Will be a fantastic role model who’ll shape the minds of the young people.

Jaycee Pazcoguin hard working and passionate. Saw her work tenaciously during the Bounce event! 😀

Tricia Togado detailed oriented and very hard working. Thanks for listening to what I said last time to mentor the next generation 😀

Winona Rebadomia don’t let her sweetness deceive you this woman makes sure she fulfills all her deliverables. Great character!

Jade Lingan highly influential and will be a great leader. Follows thru with all her commitments.

Of course, this is not to say that the names I mentioned above are better than the others. It’s just that these are the people I’ve worked closely and observed lot from their lives. We have other names like: Maricon Marcaida, Paulina Gonzales, Yumiko, Ian Panopio, Ella Ramos, Kath Parungao, Martin Hao, Monique See, Neri Semeniano, Nina Armenta, Princess Tuquero, Ruth Patricio, Ria Zamudio, Danielle Monfort, Daniel Claud, Angel Uy, Belle Garcia, KC Bahaj, Bianca De La Cruz, Gian Mangua, Daniel Claud, Carly Fenis, Charisse Abarico, Kevin Saavedra. etc. I’m sure these people, God has placed enormous amounts of gifts and talents as well. Their talents and giftings are just waiting to be released to their fullest potential. 🙂

With these hard working bunch. I just know that they’ll take the work we have in LifeBox (even right now, we won’t have to wait 2-3 years) to the next level. 🙂


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The role of a leader (Pushing people in their gifting)

Last night we had our event titled: LIVE – AFTERMATH. This is the second time that we did LIVE for this SY 2013-2014. LIVE is a night of tales, tunes and truth. Our heart in LIVE is to see people “Get Wired to the FULL LIFE”. To see the pictures of the event, click on the link below:

ImageThe AFTERMATH of last night’s event was amazing. There were a lot of students who received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Not only that but students were admonished to be “Christ’s ambassadors” and preach the gospel to their friends, blockmates and loved ones.

Just like any other event that we do, this LIVE would not be possible if it were not for our sponsors (joke lang). LIVE would not be possible if it weren’t for the team who made sure everything went according to plan. My job as a leader is just to push them so that they will be able to use their gifts most effectively. Bill Hybels said in his book: Courageous Leadership:

“Please understand, it’s not that I believe the gift of leadership is more important than other gifts. It’s simply that people with the gift of leadership are uniquely equipped to come up with strategies and structures that provide opportunities for other people to USE THEIR GIFTS MOST EFFECTIVELY.”

Kung wala sila ewan ko nalang kung ano nangyari sa LIVE. However, because of their gifts and talents, LIVE became successful. Of course we could have done a lot of things way way better and we’ll continue to learn from them but all in all, we were able to reach our goal. 🙂

I believe that this is critical for all leaders to understand this. I certainly don’t have the skills to do Photoshop, edit a video much less direct it; but because in our team we had people who were gifted in these things, then we were able to maximize their gifting to the best interest of LIVE.

As a leader we should be secure enough to know that we can’t do everything. I always told the team this that if I did everything: 1) Mamamatay ako, 2) Mag fail yung event (no doubt about it). Sometimes the leader takes all the credit for a successful event but it’s really the team and not the leader who should take credit. The role of a leader is primarily serving the members of the team so that they could maximize their strengths. Leadership is servanthood according to Jesus.

With that I’d like to thank the team responsible for LIVE:

Kriscel Papa – Thanks again for co-leading this with me! Thanks for leading the music team, alam ko naman na favorite mo talaga ang music. Great job with the band! Thank you Clover Street, galing niyo, fantastic job!

Xandrino Mangunay a.k.a. Mr. Inggit 2013 – Thanks for doing the promotional video, I’m sure that video really helped in building anticipation of the event umabot siya 300 views. Hurray! Haha. Thanks for being proactive all the way, I super appreciated that. You’re a catalyst to this team. Lakas ng impact. 🙂 Of course the video shoot! Production design concept, ikaw lang makakaisip. Namaximize talaga lahat ng talents mo. Next time dance number naman! Super thank you talaga. Of course the recap video I can’t wait for that. 🙂

Bianca Anievas- Thanks for editing the LIVE cam! Editing is no joke of course. Add to that the fact na nawala pa ang charge mo. Thanks for helping Dudan with the video shoot rin and the production design ng LifeBox center. Panalo lang talaga 🙂

Laurice Plando – Once again, those posters. Kainis ang talents mo. Haha! You’re such a gifted artist. Music, Dance, Painting, ano pa ba? Only regret ko is you didn’t maximize every gift you had hahahaha! Super proud of you! I really thought the countdown posters were so cool. Too bad hindi natin nagamit yung caption na nilagay mo. One of the best in terms of designing and creating posters. Good job!

Michelle Abello – Too bad lang talaga na you weren’t able to attend LIVE but I appreciate all the effort and your attitude of helping. Can’t wait to work more with you in the future. 🙂 Thanks for doing the Photoman kahit di ka nakaattend. Di bale all LIVE will be Thursdays na moving forward. 🙂 Sayang ikaw dapat stage manager eh! =D

Jade Lingan – Thanks for mobilizing the engage team even though you had class and an exam. Super appreciate it. I received good feedback on the engage team how they were such great hosts! 🙂 Super thank you shobs! 🙂

Pao Santillan – Thanks again bro for doing the registration and documentations. Sorry for making you double hat again haha, at least walang nawala na mac/laptop. Again bro, your role is huge more after the event! 🙂 Thanks for uploading to pictures ASAP! Now ma tatag na natin ang mga tao for an AFTER AFTERMATH experience. 😀

Tricia Togado – Tricia sobrang galing mo na sa tech! Kayang kaya mo na nakapikit yan eh. 🙂 Dapat nag ttrain ka na ng iba to do that! That’s the next that is in store for you. Baka pwede si Ynna who did lights for LIVE haha! Dynamic duo kayo palagi noh? 🙂

Ton Lichuaco and Trisha Terrado- Thanks for being our emcees. Never an easy task to speak in front. I’m sure you guys will continue to be better and better after this. Great job last night. 🙂

Kiel Mamauag, Thomas Marechaux, Marc Marcaida, Sharlene Yap – Thank you for sharing your testimonies. The Bible does say that we have overcome with the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. It takes courage and strength to share your testimonies. I’m sure a lot were blessed by hearing then and that God used them to touch the lives of the people. 🙂

And of course my personal consultant in all these things: Jay Abola!

Pastor Nixon Ng – For delivering yet again another powerful and timely message. God definitely used you to preach his message! 😀 Grabe yung annointing! 🙂

To everyone who hosted and engaged people. Thanks as well! You know who you are. It’s really a team effort! No one deserves credit but God alone. Thank you Jesus for using us! 🙂

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