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LIVE, ALOHA and Empowering Leaders

One of the best feelings that I get in campus ministry is to see students rise up to lead, take ownership of projects/events/strategies and do a better job than you.

This has been my experience for the past two weeks. Recently we’ve just concluded two events in DLSU, CSB and St. Scholastica. One is an engage event called LIVE: Get Wired to the FULL LIFE and the other is a fellowship/shared lives type of an event called ALOHA: Shared Lives 2.0.

LIVE Get Wired to the FULL LIFEAloha Shared Lives

In these past two events that we’ve handled, I’m so proud to say that there were very little involvement of the campus missionaries on the planning and execution level. 90-95% of the planning and execution were done by the students. 🙂

I’m very thankful for my spiritual family (Victory Christian Fellowship) who has always made it a point to create this kind of empowering culture. It says in Pastor Steve’s book: WikiChurch: “The Victory leadership team has intentionally tried to create a culture where creativity and initiative are rewarded and mistakes are celebrated.” My hope is this will still be the same kind of culture that we’ll pass on to the next generation.

The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

I believe that to be a great leader, we should all have an empowering mindset because of the many benefits that this brings! The benefits far outweigh the risks involved in empowering. One of the benefits of empowering others is it gives them opportunities to grow more in their giftings and talents.

Below are just a few whom I know learned so much in being a part of these events:

Students Growing in their Gifting’s and Skills

I’m really encouraged as I saw Marc Marcaida lead LIVE. This guy is a leader and will definitely have more impact in the future. At first he was a bit overwhelmed but at the same time privileged to serve as the project lead for LIVE. Admittedly he says that events may not be his forte but he took on the challenge anyway. I saw him use vision as one of his tools to lead the team, always pointing them back to the reason why we’re doing the things we’re doing. All of this is to Honor God and Make Disciples.


Another person I’m also encouraged who I knew learned so much is Kath Parungao who led the Aloha: Shared lives 2.0 activity. It was her first time, she was a bit nervous, and didn’t have that much clue and idea how to run an outing. However, she did a great job in forming a team and faithfully accomplishing everything that needs to be done. Galing! 🙂

Kath Parungao

And that’s just two people who grew in their skills and abilities, this blog will not give justice if I try to list down everyone’s learning. I don’t have time to talk about Joseph, KC, Angel, Rejoice, Gian, Winona, Tricia, Gelene, Jaycee, Con, Monique, Daniel and Neri. There’s just too many! But for those who’re reading this you know who you are and I’m so encouraged with the things you’ve learned as well! 🙂

Better Results

Another benefit of empowering others is that we generally get better results. The results are so evident in both events. For LIVE, one of the things I appreciated was the creativity that went as they promoted the event (see pictures above of Marc and Kath). This came as a result of empowering other people in their God-given talents. 🙂 Also, 180+ students came, this is 80+ more students that came from last year’s event. Based on these factors alone, we can definitely say that the event had been a success.

In the shared lives activity, I can just say that this has been the best shared lives that we had for the past 2 years! When we asked Kath to organize the activity, I was just thinking about the reservation of the place, logistics and food and that would have been it. However, she took it to another level by giving it a theme, creating a poster, designing the place and planning a very solid program flow. It just went above expectations! And also, 40 students came this time around, compared to around 20 the same time last year. Better results indeed. 🙂


Again, the reason why both were so successful is because a lot of students were empowered. The campus missionaries simply can’t decide on all level and details, we can’t micro manage everything because 1) We just won’t have time to do so, 2) Things will not move forward given all the other things that we’re required to do. It’s more logical and sensible to empower people! 🙂 Again the benefit far outweighs the costs.

With all of the things that I’ve written here’s what I’m not saying: that empowering others doesn’t involve risks, because it does have! In fact there will be times where mistakes will happen, a lot of it. However, the mindset and attitude of a leader whenever these things happen is for the leader to assume responsibility for the mistake and not blame it on others. After the mistake has been settled, we move forward and continue to empower others to lead. 🙂

After having said all of that, I think the evidence is overwhelming and conclusive that an empowering culture’s benefits far outweighs the risks involved in doing so. Others get trained in their giftings and talents and we get better overall results. Take note: these are just two of the benefits that are at the top of my mind as I write this blog, I believe there are many more. 🙂

As I end this blog I hope to see two things: 1) I hope that if you’re a leader with followers reading this, that you’ll have the same kind of mindset and attitude to empower others and create an empowering culture and 2) If you’re a an emerging leader who have just experienced being empowered to do certain things: you’ll always keep this in mind and pass on the same kind of culture, because again the benefits of empowering others will always outweigh the risks in doing so.

Lastly, we want to create an empowering culture because this is what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ modelled to each and everyone of us. Pastor Steve said in WikiChurch:

“Jesus modelled and empowering leadership style. Jesus was never content for disciples to simply follow Him as spectators but was intent of empowering them to do what He had been doing.”

God bless and may you empower others! 🙂

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The Voice – Week 1

ImageLast Friday we started a brand new series titled: “The Voice”. This is a four week series which addresses the pressing issues that students face today. To know more about these pressing issues come to our brand new LifeBox Center at 3/F of University Mall to find out. We promise that you will not be disappointed. 🙂Image

Pastor Daniel asked me to share a message during the first week which was titled: “Blind Auditions.” The topic for the first week was about Purpose. Personally I was so glad that I was assigned to speak last week because Purpose has been one of the burning issues in my life. This is one topic I really feel most passionate about when I go up there on stage to speak. I was talking to a student (Pao Santillan) the other day and I said that I had so many things to say unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I was only given a limited amount of time. Given the chance I could have spoken and taught for 3 hours or more. 🙂

My one simple point from last Friday was this:

“We are created for HIS purpose.”

Not our friend’s purpose, not our parent’s purpose, not even our own purposes, but we are created for his purpose and his purpose ALONE. The reason I said this is because in Colossians 1:16, it says there:

“…all things have been created through him and for him.”

By simple reasoning, we can derive that since we are included in “All” and since it says there that “all things have been created… and FOR HIM.” I crafted that one simple point: “We are created for HIS purpose”

Back when I didn’t have a personal relationship yet with Jesus Christ, I really didn’t understand this concept  well because I wanted to live life for myself, for my own purposes. I wanted to do what I thought I wanted to do for myself. Basically, I don’t want God’s purposes. What I didn’t know is that ever since I was a child, there had been many voices in society that have molded and shaped my way of thinking.

One of my life purposes before was to find that one special girl in my life that would “complete” me (as corny and as humiliating as that may sound). Looking back I now realize that my mind was shaped by all the media that surrounded me. Movies, music videos, and songs that convey a message that our life purpose is primarily discovered by finding our “one true love.” The problem with that way of thinking is, 1) What if that “one special someone” leaves you? 2) What if it doesn’t work out with her? 3) What if you realize that even in the company of that “loving someone” you still feel an emptiness inside? 4) What if after we find our “soulmate” we realize that we still want to do so many things in this life that we can’t accomplish because of our responsibility for each other? And so on and so forth. I’m not saying that relationships are bad, I want to make that clear. I’m for relationships and in fact I’m looking forward to that day when God prepares that special someone for my life (cheesy) :). I just want to emphasize that finding our life purpose in relationships alone is not the ultimate thing.

I also talked about finding your life purpose in achievements, success, money, fame, etc. I’ve been there in a way as well. I graduated with honors after studying college in DLSU-Manila. I landed an above average paying job in both of the first two companies I worked for. However, even with those things, I wasn’t able to find my peace and fulfillment.

The pursuit for our purpose in life seems to be quite elusive to a lot of people. Great minds in history have tried to develop philosophies, ideas, and ways of thinking just to answer the question: “What is the meaning of life?” One of the biggest proof that I know that this has been a question that people are looking an answer for is the book: “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. To date, this book has been one of the best-selling (if not the best) non-fiction book there is in the market with over 30 million copies sold!


I’ve talked to many people who seem clueless and confused about their purpose and direction in life. People I admire who have great skills and talents but they still are not sure what their purpose in life is. There were a lot of times I myself gave up and found life to be meaningless. During times like those, I felt no drive to be excellent or do the things I’m supposed to do because a meaningless life will give you no drive to continue on in life. The “Why?” in life matters. It matters too much even with the little things, that’s why we see/hear a lot of kids ask the question “Why?” Why do I have to study? Why do I have to do that? What’s the purpose of doing these things?

Unless we have a good and solid answer to the question of “Why?” either we will have no drive to do the things that we’re supposed to be doing or we will just go on with life with different reasons. The sad thing is after we’ve accomplished those reasons, if they’re wrong, we’d feel empty inside.

Plumb’s song titled: God Shaped Hole says: “There’s a God Shaped Hole in all of us and it’s a void that only he can fill” (

I believe, know for a fact, and not only those things but experienced it personally as well that the only way we can fill that God Shaped Hole is thru God himself (obviously). My ardent hope is that you will fill that God-Shaped hole inside your hearts only thru God and God alone. 🙂

I ended last week’s message with two verses:

Colossians 1:15

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

Our purpose in life has been made known to us thru God’s one and only son: Jesus Christ. Back when sin destroyed our relationship with God, Jesus Christ came to restore our relationship in him. Jesus also came so that our purposes in God can be restored as well. He did say in John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

If we want to experience the fullness of life and all its purposes, we can only find it thru Jesus Christ. To live life to the full, to live life the way that it was meant to be it all starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 🙂

See you this Friday for the second part of our series: “The Voice” the title is “Battle Round” what’s this next pressing issue that students nowadays face? To find out come join us! 🙂


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